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Fall Fashion Trends 2016

Hey all! It may still be quite hot here in the Tri- Cities, but it's never too early to start planning for fall. And what a better way to get ahead than shopping at Pink Pearl. We have tons of selections that you will just love! Before you dive head first into all the chunky knit sweaters and woolen gloves, take a look at what new trends and ideas are circulating in the fashion world! 


1. Renaissance Beauty  

The Renaissance is coming back! All the peasant sleeves and white lace tops are a great way to capture the essence of this era. 


2. Pink & Yellow

Okay I know what you're thinking "Pink and yellow?!?!?! Ugh only my mother would pick that!" I totally get that, but the right combination of a dusty pink and eccentric yellow can really make a statement and show off some popping colors this fall. 


3. Ruffles

Every girl loves a good ruffle! I can't tell you how excited I am for ruffles to be in style once more! We've been through the peplum trend, now it's time for the ruffle. 


4. Fall Floral

Florals are usually not seen during the fall, but this year they will be! Don't be afraid to keep those summer floral dresses out. A good cardigan or some tall boots will instantly make a summer ensemble head straight into fall!  


5. Leopard

Bring out your inner animal with striking leopard prints! 


6. Over sized Statement Necklace 

So we've seen the statement necklace make a huge breakthrough these past few years, now we are going even bigger. With a neutral top and a chunky, colorful necklace, you'll be a huge hit at any office or party! 


All the outfits pictured here today are available at Pink Pearl and online through our website ( We would love to see you and help you pick out the best outfit to show off your personal style! Have a wonderful day and stay golden! 

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