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Fall Makeup Trends 2016

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Hey ladies! So last week we checked out fall fashion trends, now we need to pair our perfect outfits with the perfect makeup look! Some are more bold than others, but it's always a great feeling to step out of your comfort zone! Don't be afraid to try something new and rock it out!  

1. Gothic Beauty

Now the Gothic look isn't just for runway models. We can do it too! Grab anywhere from a deep red too a striking black, and get ready for the compliments. Below is LAX by Colourpop. They are one of my favorite brands and its only $6.00! How cool! 

2. Natural Glow

The contour trend has been sweeping the internet. But now it's time for a more natural look. The natural glow uses a combination of concealers and highlights to give a raw look. So skip the contour and go straight for the sparkle. To accomplish this look, stay away from mattes and look for a more dewy foundation. This way you'll give off a fresh morning look! 


3. Big, Bold Lips

Who doesn't love a bold, red lip? I sure do! Pictured below is another Colourpop product. This one is Creeper. Its an ultra matte red and again, only $6.00! With a bold lip, I suggest a more neutral look for the eyes. Give a striking brow and add a little highlighter to those cheekbones! 


4. Metallic Eye

The Metallic eye is something we all can have fun with. Now try not to go glitter crazy on us! The perfect look is achieved with complimentary matte colors with just a hint of metallic in the center of lid. There, you can blend and look oh so wonderful! Tip: add a white metallic to the inner corner for an even bolder pop. 


5. Black Eyeliner

Black Eyeliner is the perfect compliment to a bold, red lip! Although, we all know it's easier said than done! Using scotch tape or even doing a rough outline with eye shadow to help guide can give you this classic look. Feel free to experiment. Bring that wing out farther or go up into the crease. There are lots of ways, so play around with it! Found a cool new way? Post it in the comments below! I 'd love to see what you have! 


6. Peachy Keen 

Peach is one of my favorite eye shadow colors! It blends well into many skin tones. Paired with a neutral brown, it can give you a great everyday look. I recommend the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. It's so cute! 


Well there you have it ladies, the perfect set of looks to get you ready this fall! I would love to hear from you guys, so post your makeup for the day and let me know your inspiration! Also, don't forget to follow Pink Pearl on Facebook and Instagram @pinkpearlfb. We are constantly posting new product and love seeing you guys in store! Stay golden! :) 

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