About Pink Pearl

After years of working for a chain store, Amanda Kuhn was tired of seeing customers merely being treated like a number and being thought of as nothing more than a sale. Her solution? Open her own clothing store where customers are treated with respect. This is where Pink Pearl comes in. 
Amanda talked of opening her own clothing boutique for years, and after too many years of hearing about it, her husband finally told her to open the store of her dreams or stop talking about it. So, after almost 15 years of managing a retail store, Amanda took the jump and left her job, with every intention of opening her own store. 
Ideas were constantly bounced around between family and friends and finally Amanda landed on the name Pink Pearl. From here, the process started - the perfect location was found and product was ordered to fill the space. Every since the store opened in March of 2013, customers have been treated like people, not numbers. Employees get to build relationships with their customers, learning about what's going on in their lives, making them smile if they're having a bad day and really building lasting bonds - something that's hard to find nowadays.
And just because Amanda is the owner does not mean she is not on the sales floor herself. That's her favorite part! Outfitting women and getting them to feel beautiful inside and out. She has a great eye for fashion and puts pieces together in a way you wouldn't imagine. She loves to challenge everyone to try a style that's outside of their comfort zone. You don't have to buy it, just try it!!  :)
When she is not helping customers, Amanda is typically searching for new and unique items to order for the store. If customers are looking for the basic everyday item, they can find that at the mall. Pink Pearl offers the unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that you can't find everywhere. The inventory is constantly changing, as items are only ordered once, and come with just five or six pieces per pack. Once an item is sold out, it is not reordered, but instead something new is ordered in, keeping customers coming back monthly, weekly or even daily. 
It's been four years and counting and Pink Pearl is still going strong. 
So, if you've been looking for a fun place to do a little shopping, come check us out.